About Last Mile Insight

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Ned Daubney founded Last Mile Insight based his many years of experiencing, first-hand, sophisticated sales forces losing high-stakes opportunities because they didn’t do their homework.  

Ned has delivered deep-dive insight while managing multiple world-class Executive Briefing Programs for both Dell and Cisco, and elsewhere as a consultant. As a seasoned market analyst and executive briefing pro, Ned helped refine and map “information overload” to many individual strategic opportunities.

Last Mile Insight doesn’t just cut and paste findings, we connect dots and explain why findings matter to a particular opportunity.  We provide insight, recommendations, and ideas.  We stick around and advise as needed.  We have many sample Profiles and success stories to share.  

We feel strongly that it takes a dedicated resource who is passionate about and experienced in deeply analyzing key customers and marketplaces, and in influencing senior-level executives.  

Ned holds an MBA Degree in Marketing from Babson’s FW Olin Graduate School of Management, and a BS Degree in Accounting from State University of New York at Plattsburgh. He is married to his wife Betsy and has two awesome sons.

We offer many success stories from driving this research, as well as horror stories from meetings when no one did their Last Mile homework.  



Customer Insight Advisor / Founder