“They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.”  ― Maya Angelou

Founded in 2016, Last Mile Insight helps enterprise sales and marketing teams engage and sell to key customers.

We also help vendor executives purposefully engage customer executives.

Customer intelligence today is easy to buy or find – in mammoth amounts – but customer insight is not included.

Want to know just what your mountains of customer intelligence means to your specific customer opportunity?   We can tell you.

No MarTech solution can dissect all this for you – someone still needs to connect the dots, eliminate the frivolous, identify the pertinent, and provide the roadmap for customer-centric engagement.

Last Mile Insight does this.  We can also train your teams to do it.  It’s not rocket science – but there is methodology to efficiently attaining customer enlightenment / insight.

We include our recommendations, ideas, and most of all – insight.  We can pursue as you request, stick around, answer questions, and advise as needed.

Much less effort by key personnel, much better insight, much more effective customer engagements, and most of all, accelerated key account relationships and deals.   That’s what Last Mile Insight offers.  What’s not to love?

We offer many sample Profiles to share, and success stories from driving this research, as well as horror stories from meetings where no one did their Last Mile homework.

Our satisfied customers include: Dell, Cisco, Athenahealth, DLL Group, Verizon, PTC, Microsoft, and others.

About Ned Daubney

Ned founded Last Mile Insight based his many years of experiencing sophisticated sales forces losing high-stakes opportunities because they didn’t do their homework.

Ned has delivered deep-dive insight to 100’s of opportunities while launching and managing multiple world-class Executive Briefing Programs for both Dell and Cisco, and elsewhere as a Consultant.

Ned holds an MBA Degree in Marketing from Babson’s FW Olin Graduate School of Management, and a BS Degree in Accounting from State University of New York at Plattsburgh.




Customer Insight Advisor / Founder